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The Work-From-Home Guide to Creating an Amazing & Productive Workspace
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From students to CEOs, millions of Americans are now working from home on a regular and consistent basis. Adjusting to this new work-from-home lifestyle has been challenging for many. Some of us have had to quickly convert kitchen tables into virtual conference tables, upgrade the wi-fi or have struggled to find the most ideal power outlet to use when charging a laptop. While the kitchen table might have been a great temporary solution to work from home problems, for some there’s no end to remote work in the foreseeable future.

That’s why it’s all the more important to create a new designated workspace in your home. Moreover, creating an area that feels welcoming and minimizes distractions is key. Surrounding yourself with beautiful design and functional furniture can not only help you stay organized, and increase productivity, but can also help reduce stress. How can you create the designated workspace of your dreams? Here are our tips for creating the perfect space for getting the job done.

Comfortable Office Chairs
If you’re working full-time and spending nearly 40 hours a week sitting in front of a computer screen, investing in a good office chair cannot be overrated. Ergonomic chairs like the Office Task Chair, Executive Office Chair, and Java Desk Chair can make long hours more comfortable with lumbar support, adjustable heights, and tension control. Not only will the right office chair help you work more comfortably, but it can also help improve posture, and reduce back, hip and leg pain associated with sitting for extended hours.

Exective Office Chair Office Task Chair Java Desk Chair

Feng Shui Pro Tip: According to the ancient philosophy Feng Shui,
the best chair for a designated workspace is one that has a solid base to provide both literal and symbolical life and job stability,
armrests to provide support and protection, and a high and solid backing for a great support system behind you.


Desks That Can Suit Your Needs
The right desk is key for work-from-home success. Do you want multiple drawers to help keep you organized, or would you prefer a stand-up desk to help ease back pain and increase productivity? Perhaps you’re looking for a desk with a vintage look and feel, or maybe you like the cleaner look. Maybe you want all of the above. No matter what your design tastes are, a desk will help to create a workspace that is organized, looks good, minimizes distractions, and ultimately creates an inviting area and sets the mood to get the job done.

Feng Shui Pro Tip: A wooden desk is key for home office Feng Shui. According to the practice,
the wood brings in a natural, vibrant and nourishing energy to the workspace. Ideally, desks are placed facing,
but not near the door or a window with a nice view, and with a wall behind where you will be sitting.
This represents looking forward to the opportunities coming in your career, and the wall behind you is there for support in this journey.


The Perfect Place to Store Files & Paperwork
If you’re working from home, there’s a good chance there’s now new stacks of notes, files, and paperwork piling up. You’ll want to stay organized, and that’s where having a filing cabinet like the Point Combo File or the Lateral File Cabinet will come in handy to keep everything organized and looking great.

Feng Shui Pro Tip: On top of storing important files and paperwork,
a filing cabinet offers a great tabletop area for plants, which are proven to lower psychological stress,
increase attention spans, improve overall well-being, and make people feel happier while working.

A Perfect Way to Display Positive Energy
A prominently featured bookshelf can do more than help you stay organized. It can increase the positive energy in an area by displaying books, family photos, plants, and other items that bring joy and spark creativity, like an award you’ve received for outstanding work.

Feng Shui Pro Tip: In the new display you create in your workspace, consider adding orange to the decor theme.
Principals of Feng Shui believe that orange is the color of focus, productivity and organization.
Just a few orange elements can influence you to get more done in the course of a workday.


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