Customized Living Room and Bedroom

Customized Living Room and Bedroom Furniture Offers Limitless Options

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Finding the right sofa, sectional or bedroom set to fit your unique home décor or color palette isn’t always easy. Local furniture stores may have a lot of options available, but possibly not in the exact size or length you’d prefer or with the right fabric to match your home design.

Maybe you can find the right living room furniture online, but having a large bedroom set or sofa shipped may not be an option on your budget.

Consumers don’t have to settle for whatever is readily available when they shop at local furniture stores that offer furniture customization.

Feng Shui Pro Tip: When possible, it’s best to place the largest sofa in a living room against a wall to inspire feelings of stability and safety. People sitting in the sofa should ideally have a clear line of sight to anyone entering the main entrance of the room.

Local, custom crafted furniture has a reputation for sturdiness, longevity and comfort. Businesses have reputations to protect, and they don’t want to let down customers who are investing in an important piece of furniture for their home.

In addition to reliability, you also benefit from an array of options you wouldn’t normally be able to find in prefabricated furniture.

Want a two or three-seat sofa with a recliner built in? Need a unique sectional solution, like this Oslo Tux 2 Pc Cuddler Sectional by Stanton? Custom furniture manufacturers can craft a sectional that fits your size requirements.

Maybe you have kids, pets or other spill-prone family members who are especially hard on furniture. Consider a custom sofa in the exact size you want in a color that will hide dirt and stains, like this Diversey Chocolate Power Reclining Sofa by Stanton.

Looking for floral patterns to complement new artwork or your favorite throw pillows? Some custom furniture makers may have fabric patterns that are a close match, like this Adril Charcoal Accent Chair by Stanton.

Get creative with your custom furniture choices. It’s your sofa, loveseat or sectional – you can do what you want. 

Custom Furniture Is Great for Any Room in the Home, Including the Bedroom

Bedroom sets, like this Old Cannery Classics Rake Bed (with optional storage drawers in the footboard) can be customized as well. Bedroom furniture customizers often let you choose from a variety of hardware, stains and other optional features.

Feng Shui Pro Tip: Two nightstands are better than one! The pros recommend balancing your bedroom set with a nightstand on each side of a bed.

You want your bedroom to be cozy, and maybe you find a certain shade of brown or grey particularly relaxing. Why not have a bedroom set customized to match your favorite set of linens or existing room décor and paint?

Feng Shui Pro Tip: A lot goes into proper bed placement – the feng shui pros suggest a bed should be facing an entryway but not directly aligned with it. The ideal bed placement is with the headboard to a wall and open space on the other three sides.

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Many of our customers appreciate community and the opportunity to support Sumner-area craftsmen by buying local. Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse partners with Stanton and Grandwood Furniture because they truly build higher caliber customized sofas, sectionals, recliners and bedroom sets.

If you want great furniture customized to fit your décor, space and configuration needs at a competitive price, Old Cannery Furniture can help.

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