Anacortes Ladderback Upholstered Side Chair by A-America

Anacortes Ladderback Upholstered Side Chair by A-America

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Welcome home with the Anacortes collection. The perfect blend of modern chic and rustic comfort, this collection uses solid mahogany and dramatically porportioned legs make it perfect for everyday use. However make no mistake, the gorgeous multi-toned wood, and subtle detailing will add style and flair to your dinng space as well.

SKU: ANA-SM-2-45-K
Dimensions: 21w x 41h x 23d
Fabric/Finish: Salvage Mahogany
Found in Dining Room- Dining Chairs

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The ladder back side chair from A-America's Anacortes collection is simple, comfortable, and welcoming. The multi-tone finish blend features a lighter ginger color that resembles a patina on reclaimed wood. This look is growing exceedingly popular. Topping it all off, you will appriciate the comfortable seat cushion that makes this an ideal chair for hosting dinner parties and family get togethers.


Caring for furniture is easy.  Follow a few simple guidelines will help extend the life of your furniture.
Always dust with a polish moistened cloth.  Polish cushions the cloth, eliminating the scratching that occurs with dry  dusting. Dust will scratch the furniture surface if not removed properly.
Use a soft, clean cloth that won’t scratch the surface.  Avoid coarse or scratchy materials or fabrics.
We recommend purchasing furniture protection warranty for all upholstered furniture.

A quality polish enhances the natural beauty of wood by complementing the luster and enriching the grain. It protects the finish because it serves as a temporary barrier to spilled liquids. The cleaning ingredients in polish effectively remove smudges, dust and soil when properly applied.

Tips for Better Dusting:

Be sure to use the same type of polish consistently.  Your furniture will appear cloudy or streaky if oil-based and wax-based polishes are interchanged. In general, avoid using products with SILICONE (sand) and WAX on your furniture as these agents will deposit into wood grain and require total stripping of finish to remove.
Always use a fine furniture polish when dusting.  Never dry dust, as it could case microscopic scratches on your furniture surface.  Remember to change dusting cloths frequently since a dirty cloth may scratch your furniture’s surface.
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Then, buff until completely dry for a beautiful shine and a smudge-resistant finish.  For wood trim, spray polish on the cloth first then dust.

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