New Year, New Furniture

A New Year Full of New Possibilities
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It’s the time of year when people are reinventing themselves and making positive lifestyle changes. Trying to be more productive and spend less time procrastinating while working from home? Maybe your office chair is showing its age, or perhaps that cluttered desk adds the disorganization you want to overcome in 2021? Consider making a clean break from the bad habits of last year by cleaning your workspace and changing your environment. Start a new year with a new you and new furniture!

Finding that Positivity in a Furniture Refresh
Whether you’re trying to excel professionally or live healthier in the new year, finding those elements to make your work and home life is great place to start. Getting a new piece of furniture that better fits your style can be a great way to inject some positivity into your home environment; whether by adding something new or replacing something old, these changes can help you strive towards the goals you've set for yourself in the 2021.


Keeping Things Organized and Staying Productive
Striving for improved organization and productivity have become popular New Year’s resolutions in 2021. If you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, or you’re always struggling to finish your to-do list, you’re not alone.Your home environment has a lot to do with both organization and productivity. It’s difficult to stay on task if your desk or workplace is cluttered. Click on any of the cabinets below to find the ideal solution to your organizational woes.


Feng Shui Pro Tip:  If possible, position your home office desk facing the door, allowing you to see people coming or going.
Try these desks to pair with the cabinets featured above to keep a style going for your home office!


Motivation Comes in All Shapes and Sizes
Sometimes we need reminders throughout the day of what motivates us. Having a nice set of cabinets or a bookcase is a great way to display pictures or mementos to motivate you. Whether it be the to showcase your trinkets and collectables, or to help with keeping your productive spaces in order, a stylish bookcase or display could be just what you've been looking for! Try selecting one of the following items to find out more about them.


Feng Shui Pro Tip:  Certain colors are frequently associated with work productivity in Feng Shui design:
white or pastels for clarity and discipline, black for concentration and open-mindedness and brown,
green and other earth tones for revitalization, nourishment and grounding.


Keeping Comfort at the Center of Your Workspace
Don’t discount comfort when it comes to creating a productive workspace at home. You may be spending 40 hours a week or more at your desk. That’s a lot of time to sit in a chair with poor lumbar support or inadequate tension control. Having a high-quality office chair makes it easier to focus on work, helps prevent back pain and promotes good posture. Try any of these chairs for your home office!

Exective Office Chair Office Task Chair Java Desk Chair

Feng Shui Pro TipLight is an important element in any home office, whether it’s been feng shui-ed or not.
Natural light is great, which is why putting home offices in basements is often discouraged.
Lamps are an effective option if you need to lighten up an otherwise dark room.


The Family That Sticks Together, Dines Together
You would think getting the family together for dinner would have been easier than ever in 2020. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for many busy families. Give the living room couch a break (especially if it’s new) and eat family dinner together at a new dining room table. Click the image below to find your perfect Dining Table Setup!

Feng Shui Pro TipPastels and other neutral colored décor combined with natural light can help create
a pleasant and relaxing dining room environment. Dining room tables should be large but comfortably fit in the room.


Getting A Little Something For Yourself
Simply enjoying your new comfortable furniture can be a reward in and of itself. Want somewhere comfy to unwind after your exercise or after a long day of work? Try a new piece of furniture for you living room or recreational room while you enjoy that new TV you got for Christmas in a slick entertainment center. Click on the images below to get you started?


A New Year Means The Chance for Many New Horizons
Many people have spent more time with their furniture over the past 12 months than they would have in a normal year. Many sofas, desks and tables have taken on some extra wear during 2020. With this year just starting, we have the chance to bring a new style and comfort to our homes


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