Small Changes for Big Impact

It's the little touches that make a place feel like home!

- Stuck in the House? Try These 3 Tiny Improvements To Bring New Life to Your Home! -
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With all the time we’re spending at home, why not make it a comfy and cozy place you never want to leave? Whether you’re finding the perfect lighting for your home office, hanging new wall art in the living room, or remodeling the kitchen, the right design in a home can properly utilize the space, enhance your mood, spark joy and show off your unique personality.

How can you create the designated space of your dreams while you’re stuck in quarantine? Here are our tips for creating the perfect space in your home.


- The Most Comfy Couch -

Some days, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and binging your favorite shows and movies, you might have had this couch for years! After a few months of Staying-At-Home, your couch might be showing it's age with sags and creaks, remembering all of your snacks with all the leftover crumbs, or perhaps its worn down to the point of being downright uncomfortable!

If your sofa is starting to show these signs, it might be time for an update, and there are plenty of options to choose from! Perhaps a reclining sofa to help kick up your feet and lounge, a comfortable loveseat for snuggling up, or a fun sectional that can seat your whole family! No matter what you choose, your own streaming haven is waiting for you! Check out some of these selected items and see which would fit your home decor!


Feng Shui Pro Tip: According to the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, you shouldn’t place your sofa with its back to the window. Not only does this cut off the energy flow of the room, but you also turns your back to the outside world. The philosophy instead says that landscapes and outdoor scenes should be admired so they can be absorbed into your personal energy.


- Adding Amazing Accents -

If you're taking the time to update parts of your house, adding some accessories can help fill out a room and give it charm and personality. An accent chair can act as the perfect  complement to your new couch. How about a beautiful and functional storage bench that not only declutters and organizes your space, but can also act as an ottoman, providing a nice place to pick up your feet and relax. Underneith it all, a good area rug to add some color and texture to the floor can really help tie a room together! Try following clicking on one of the items below and see what


Feng Shui Pro Tip: Adding accent chairs and ottomans to a living room not only provides plenty of seating for friends and family in your bubble, but these accessories can also keep the right energy flowing. Meanwhile, rugs have a pattern all their own. Black and blue rugs promote the calmness of water, while zig-zagging and patterned rugs can enhance wealth energy


- Safe Spaces for Festive Fun -

If you can't go out to meet up with others for a party, sometimes you've got to make your own! Having your own Bar at Home means you can relax while enjoying beverages in a safe environment, whether it’s in your basement or in your back yard. (Just don’t forget the bar stools.) Or maybe you’d rather take a trip to the movies or have a comfortable space to play video games. Create your own home theater with a new entertainment center or media console to help keep everything organized.

What about the kids? Bunk beds are the epitome of fun by providing a great place to read stories and building makeshift forts all while providing comfort to your young ones for a good night’s sleep. Try following these selected items to see how you could make your own party palace!


Feng Shui Pro Tip: Your space to have fun should have a comfortable seat for everyone that lives in the house to make them feel welcome. Ideal positions have chairs facing each other to encourage conversation, interaction and getting connected.


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