Fabric Care

Fabric Cleaning Instructions:

The following cleaning techniques have been sorted into industry-accepted clean-ability codes. Before attempting to remove any stain, however, fabric should be tested with a stain-removing product to ensure that the color and / or fabric will not be damaged.

W - Fabric coded with "W' should be spot cleaned with water-based shampoo or foaming upholstery cleaner. A solution of two tablespoons of ammoniated detergent (such as "Ajax") mixed with a quart of water can be used when removing water-based stains such as ketchup, soft drinks, or alcoholic beverages. The stain should be wiped gently with a dampened cloth or sponge. (A soft bristled brush may be used.) Mixture should be used sparingly, being careful not to over wet. To avoid circling, move from outer edge of stain toward its center. Cushion casings should not be removed and laundered.

S - Fabric coded with "S" should be spot cleaned with dry cleaning solvent only. Care should be taken not to saturate the fabric. For oil-based stains such as salad dressing, butter and greasy foods, spot cleaning should be done using a cloth dampened with a water free dry cleaning product, such as "Carbona" or "Energine," using the same procedures outlined above. Texize K2R Spot Remover" can be used on woven fabrics only. Cushion casings should not be removed and dry-cleaned.

WS - Fabric coded with "WS" can be cleaned using either the "W" or "S" cleaning methods.

X - Frequent vacuuming or brushing only is recommended to prevent soiling. Spot cleaning and complete cleaning should be done by a certified professional cleaning service only.

Overall Cleaning

The furniture industry recommends professional cleaning when overall cleaning is necessary. For best results, professional cleaning should be used.

The instructions and information outlined above is provided as a service. They in no way should be interpreted as a warranty. Cleaning agents listed do not constitute endorsement of the product. Other similar products may be as effective.



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