Old Cannery

We are proud to be a family owned store that has grown from the imagination of one man his wife and his daughter, Tony, Mabeth and Sherry Grout, into one of the largest home furnishing stores on the west coast today. There have been plenty of bumps along the way and the growing pains have been sometimes apparent but all in all we have become what we are today because of you, our customers, our neighbors and our friends. Because of your loyalty to us and your continued support we are able to offer a unique if not unusual way to shop for home furnishings. [Tony Grout "Founder of The Old Cannery"]

How many furniture stores can boast a hobbit style fudge factory hewn from an ancient tree right in the middle of their stores, or how many have 7 scale miles of suspended G scale trains, reminiscent of days gone by, that travel through the showrooms and warehouse. These are not all, but a few of the unique things about the Old Cannery that make it a wonderful place to come to for your furniture needs and also for the enjoyment of your entire family.

We want to continue to thank you every time you visit us by offering you the very best of what we have and for less money 100% of the time. But then you already know that because you continue to come to our store and continue tell your friends, relatives, and neighbors about us. All you have to do is stand in the front of the store on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and see the crowds of people to know that this is some kind of special place.

We are constantly striving to help make our customers visit our store, for a fun and memorable experience. We hope you will come to our store and see for yourself and become a part of our family as so many others have done over the years.

Please take a few minutes and visit the links on the above to see what we are all about and what we strive to do to help make our community and our customers have a better place to live and shop.

Thank you,
The Old Cannery.